Deluxe Homestay

Location: Zones 1 & 2

From £287 per person / week

Deluxe homestays are excellent homes with very comfortable rooms in good areas close to the school.
In homestay accommodation, you can enjoy the comforts of a private home and immerse yourself in English life and culture. It is also the most cost-effective way of staying in London, with home cooking, pleasant conversation and comfortable surroundings.
We offer a variety of homestays which may not always consist of a “traditional” family, i.e. mother, father and children, therefore you may find your host is a single person, a single parent with children or a retired couple. These types of hosts are equally as good, and can provide excellent hospitality to students.
In London, some homestay providers may not be of English origin but all speak English to native speaker standard and English will be the language spoken in the homestay. The UK has a rich history and is very proud of its cultural diversity. Our London homestay providers are a reflection of our society and may come from different backgrounds, age groups and socio-economic groups.


Minimum Stay

1 Week

Minimum Age



Our Deluxe Homestays are located in travel zones 1 & 2 within easy reach of our schools.

Nearest Bus/Train

Varies depending on homestay.

Travel Time/Cost

15-30 minutes by bus, underground or train.
Travel card £7 and for unlimited travel by bus and train - travel zones 1 & 2: £40.70.


A clean and comfortable room with a desk for private study and space for your clothes.
You will be given a key to the house but it is unlikely that you will have a key to the room.


Private bathroom.

Laundry & Cleaning

Towels and bedding are provided and are laundered once a week. Bedrooms will also be cleaned once a week, but students must keep them tidy. Hosts will do a small amount of washing per week or will allow access to laundry facilities.

Kitchen Facilities

A choice of meal plans: Bed & Breakfast (breakfast daily) or 3 Dinner Plan (breakfast daily and dinner on 3 evenings, to be arranged with the host).
No use of kitchen.
Evening meals will normally be eaten with everyone in the household, although you may have to help yourself to breakfast. If you have any special dietary requests, please tell us on your application form so that we can find a host to cater for you. A supplement of £41.00/week will be charged for gluten-free or other diets that require specialist food items to be purchased.

Internet Access

Internet access is available in all homestays.

Extra Information

Other Students: There may be up to 4 students in a homestay but you will not share with other native speakers of your language.
Arrival: It is usually possible to arrive at your accommodation between 08.00 and 22.00. If you need to arrive outside of these hours, please check with us before making travel arrangements.
Summer Supplement: A supplement of £20/week will be charged from 24 June to 27 August 2023.
Christmas and New Year Supplement: A supplement of £34.00/week will be charged to bookings which include weeks commencing December 19 and 26, 2023.
Cancellation: One week’s notice must be given to cancel or shorten a stay. You will be charged a £75.00 cancellation fee if you cancel after arrival.

Please add an accommodation type to your enquiry below:


Accommodation Name

Deluxe Homestay: Single Bed and Breakfast

Zones 1 and 2, breakfast daily.
  £287 per person / week

Deluxe Homestay: Single 3 Dinner Plan

Zones 1 and 2, breakfast daily and dinner on 3 evenings.
  £332 per person / week

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