Airport & Transfer

Dublin Airport Transfers

Airport Transfer Prices – Summer Teenager Programme in Dalkey

  • Dublin airport 1 person return transfer € 207
  • Dublin airport 2 people (same flights) return transfer € 253
  • Dublin airport 3-4 people (same flights) return transfer € 345
  • Dublin airport 5-8 people (same flights) return transfer € 483
  • Chaperone Service with Frances King representative 1 person return transfer € 267
  • Chaperone Service with Frances King representative 2-3 people (same flights) return transfer € 380

Arrivals are on Sundays, departures on Saturdays.

Students under 16, unless travelling with an organised group with a group leader, must book the Chaperone Service, Under 16s will be accompanied to the airport check-in and any necessary documents signed by a trusted representative of Frances King. That person will wait for the child to pass through security checks before leaving the airport.


  • Supplement for transfer 23.00-5.00 €30
  • Waiting time: 1 hour and 15 minutes included. Extra time: €12 for every 15 minutes.

Arrival time

It is not always possible to arrive at accommodation before 7.00 or after 22.00. Please check with us before making travel arrangements.