Corporate, Social & Environmental Responsibility & Diversity

At Frances King we are committed to good practice, ethical behaviour, making a positive impact on society and striving to reduce environmental damage.

These are our commitments to stakeholders:


Sabbatical of up to one year for staff members to pursue other interests outside of the work environment, such as spending time with family, participating in further education, travelling or undertaking voluntary or community work.

Staff have the opportunity to work remotely, allowing flexibility, reduction of resources and reducing our overall carbon footprint by not using private or public transport to come to the office.

A small café operates onsite with reasonably low prices, offering a discount for staff members.

Investing in staff members internal and external training and courses; these include teacher training, welfare and various language courses; as well as regular workshops.


Much of the residential accommodation we offer students is within a close distance to our schools, which means a reduction to our carbon footprint.

Activity programmes enable students to discover various cultural aspects of London or Dublin, and engage students on British or Irish history.

Welfare staff support students during their stay.


Labelled recycling bins can be found throughout every building of the school.

Servers are off-site, allowing business mobility to simplify the move process from one building to another with minimal downtime.

We are in the process of replacing our lighting with LED bulbs which lasts 50 times more than an incandescent light bulb, and use lower wattage and less energy.

We track the amount of recycling we carry out on a monthly basis. Our aim is to recycle 70% of all our waste.

Large screen TVs in classrooms reduce the need for paper based activities, allowing for innovation and dynamism.

All printers print double-sided by default and use environmentally-certified paper.

Students are provided with a list of interactive apps to use on their smartphone or tablet, cutting down the use of paper-based activities.

The company we work with regarding recycling and waste collection, First Mile, produces a monthly report which outlines the amount of general waste and recycling collected.

Our Pledge

Reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Using online resources to communicate with colleagues who operate abroad
  • Increasing the amount of staff working remotely to lessen the burden on the transport system and create space for others to operate in the office if we increase our workforce
  • Incentivising staff members to play an active role in reducing paper, recycling and raising environmental awareness in innovate ways


Most of the day-to-day operations and communications are done using paperless methods.

Government and Regulators

We work closely with organisations such as the British Council, Quality English, IALC and ACELS to ensure that quality standards in all areas of the school are met or exceeded. The inspections follow a set Framework for English language schools, which are authorised by the UK Border Agency and Irish Authorities.