School & Welfare


At Frances King, we believe that our students’ safety, health, and happiness are very important. All of our staff are aware of the most important issues and receive relevant training including in; first aid, fire training and safeguarding.

Laura Davidson is our Welfare Officer and Certified First Aider in Frances King Dublin. She is always available to help you if you have any medical, personal or emotional problems. For example, if you feel lonely, sick or just need someone to talk to, Giuliana can offer you support and confidential advice or help you to find the nearest doctor.

If Laura can’t give you the assistance you need, she will refer you to an appropriate source of help.

You can find Laura in the reception at 26 Merrion Square or email her at

Welcome Pack

When you arrive you will receive a Welcome pack containing lots of useful information such as

  • Our Student Guide
  • Personal Safety information about the building and the city
  • The current Activity Programme

Student Guide

Our Student Guide contains lots of information to help you make the most of your stay in London and Dublin and to help ensure your enjoyment and safety. The Student Guide includes

  • Names and photos of key staff members
  • School Services for students
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family
  • What to do if you have a problem or complaint
  • Rules and information
  • What happens when you finish your course
  • Health matters – where to find accident and emergency services
  • The law and legal matters
  • Personal safety
  • Visas, work permits, immigration matters
  • Life in London/Dublin including details of Public transport
  • Things to do in London/Dublin
  • Useful websites
  • Frances King Charter

For our Student Guide click here.


The school has policies and staff training in place to foster the welfare of vulnerable adults and students under the age of 18.

See our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy here.

Students Under the age of 18 on Adult courses

When we accept students under the age of 18 on adult courses we give them special attention. They are introduced to the Welfare team in the first week.

For our Handbook for Under 18s click here.

Special learning needs

Please consult us well in advance if you have special learning needs. We can sometimes help students with difficulties with their sight or their hearing but our courses are not suitable for those who are the completely blind or the very deaf. Please tell us in advance if you are dyslexic. If you are planning to take an examination we may be able to make special arrangements.

Mental health issues

We are unable to accept those with significant mental health problems and if in doubt please consult us before enrolling yourself or others with any history of mental health problems so that we can advise.

Physical disability

Due to the age and traditional design of our schools we are not accessible for wheelchair users or those who have difficulties using stairs.