Frances King placement test

Welcome to the Frances King placement test

This placement test is designed to help us determine your current level of English and put you in the correct class at Frances King. It will test your vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. It is important that you do not use a dictionary or grammar book or discuss your answers with another person, or you will be put in a class that is too difficult for you! Please work through all of the sections, answering as many questions as you can. You should allow at least 30 minutes to complete the test.

RESULTS: We will give you the results for your grammar & vocabulary at the end of this test. These scores are stored in our records, together with your writing test for when you come to study at Frances King. If you need to know your approximate overall level (based on grammar, vocabulary and writing) in order to choose a particular course, please contact your agent or /


All questions with * are mandatory!

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    For each question choose the best answer to fill the gap:

    Grammar Part 1

    For each question choose the best answer to fill the gap:

    Grammar Part 2

    Write ONE word in each gap to complete the sentence:


    Writing Part 1 of 2

    You have just returned from a holiday.

    Write an email to your English friend and tell him/her:

    1. Where was your holiday?

    2. Why did you like it?

    Writing Part 2 of 2

    Write about either:

    1. Your job

    2. Your studies