Free Time

Our popular Activity Programme includes six activities in and around London each week. There is a different activity programme every month so even if you are here on a long course there will be new things to see and do each month. There is at least one member of staff on each activity to guide you. Many of the activities are free, on others you pay only for your food and drink, travel and entrance charges.

We have a special Family Activity Programme for families, please check here.

The Activity Programme is a...

  • Great way to make friends, socialise and practise the English that you are learning.
  • Chance to discover different parts of London and learn more about British history and culture.
  • Way to eat out and sightsee in a group rather than doing things alone.

The programme includes:

  • World-famous Museums and Galleries e.g. The British Museum, The National Gallery, The Design Museum (mostly free)
  • Frances King guided walks e.g. Harry Potter Tour; Camden Canal Walk, Covent Garden (free)
  • In-house workshops & activities e.g. Good Pronunciation Workshop (free)
  • Famous London landmarks e.g. Houses of Parliament; Buckingham Palace (free to £30)
  • Restaurant outings e.g. Fish & Chips; Indian Restaurant (£18 – £30)
  • Nights out e.g. Live Jazz Night; Soho Classic Pub Tour; a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (£10 – £25)
  • Special events at different times of the year e.g. Easter Parade, fireworks, Christmas Carols (free)

At the weekends we organise longer all day activities such as:

  • Visits to interesting areas on the edge of London such as Greenwich, Richmond, or Kew Gardens (free to £20)
  • Trips to other towns/cities e.g. Oxford, Brighton, or Windsor (Train Ticket £15 to £40)
  • Art / design events such as Open House weekend (£10-£20)
  • Visits to London parks and markets (free)

Weekend Excursions

We work with a carefully selected company that runs weekend excursions with UK day trips or overnight trips to UK and European places of interest such as Paris, Amsterdam & Bruges, Edinburgh & The Highlands, Liverpool and Manchester. 


  • Unaccompanied under-18s can only go on day trips within the UK, not overnight trips and must have written permission from their parent for each trip
  • Trips to other countries may require another visa for that country, so make sure you get the right travel permissions before booking your trip

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